1992 – Our Guild Quilt




Log House Ann Bain
Moonlight on the Lake Bette Clark
Snowman Bev Watt
Tom Thompson Painting Catherine Bull
Two Canoes Catherine Bull
Pine Tree Quilt Guild Logo Debbie Mariette
Trees and House Debbie Mariette
Boat on the Beach Donna Edwards
Hiker Eileen Baron
Robin Hilda Kirton
Rocks and Canoe Jannine Massink
Clapboard Home, Heart, Sun & Pine Tree Joyce Rumney
Poem Joyce Rumney
Log Cabin by the Lake Julie Mickleson
Fall Leaves Karen Spencer
Children Playing in the Snow Kathleen Godfrey
Cookpot and Tree Linda Drennan
Maple Leaves Margery McQuillan
Anishinabek, original First Nations group in Muskoka Thelma Evely
Sailboats on Mary Lake Thelma Evely
Radiant Star Tree Wendy Wight

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